Market Research

Understanding the markets you operate in or are trying to enter is crucial for business and sales growth. Many companies whose people are busy with the day-to day-operations of the business have only a limited amount of time to assess their market and analyse its future trends.

Also, it can be difficult to obtain a realistic and unbiased view on what customers think of your company, its products and services, and your staff that they interact with.

Rycom Business Services is highly skilled in gathering Australian and international market information and providing clear and concise analysis that shows the impact on your business. Using qualitative interviews and desk research we can provide you with a range of information:

  • Key external factors and trends impacting the business in each of its markets:
    • Technology trends
    • Buyer behaviour
    • Market sizing
    • Distribution structure
    • Industry structure
    • Promotional avenues
    • Regulatory environment
  • Comparison and positioning of your product and services with competitive offers.
  • Customer segmentation and analysis, with tactical programs for each targeted customer group.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.