Business Migration

For over a decade, Rycom Business Services has been providing business support services to Migration Agents and their clients. We have prepared Business Proposals for every state in Australia, in support of Business Innovation & Investment 188A visas and Business Talent 132 visa sponsorships.

Our expertise and knowledge of each State’s requirements has resulted in an outstanding success rate. Our extensive range of support services includes:

  • Assistance in developing an acceptable business concept to be proposed to the relevant State Government.
  • Arranging appointments with market contacts (customers, suppliers etc.) and accompanying the applicant to appointments, along with a full briefing for the applicant.
  • Preparation and completion of the Business Proposal or Government Business Commitment templates.
  • Preparation of financial forecasts (Profit & Loss and Cash Flow).
  • Preparation of relevant attachments (copies of business cards, photos, summary of meeting outcomes etc.).
  • Ongoing support and answers to business related questions from the State Government Migration Units.

We have also prepared support documents for Skilled Migration visa classes, such as Market Salary Reports and Business Plans to assist employers wanting to sponsor migrant workers.

All Business Migration services are backed by a 100% refund guarantee.