Business Broking

There are many factors to consider when selling a business.  Should I sell immediately or spend more time getting systems in place?  What are the market conditions at the moment?  What type of buyers will I attract?  Having worked hard to build value in your business you want to maximise returns when it’s time to exit.

When it comes time to sell your business, Rycom Business Services will be your partner at every step of the sales process:

  • Preparing Your Business: We are experts in improving business performance by implementing systems that make it easier for you to step out of the day-to-day operations, so that it can function without your constant attention. We’ll help analyse your market place and strengthen your business position.
  • Valuation: A number of valuation models are used to provide a realistic sale price, along with comparisons with recent sales of similar businesses.
  • Marketing: A detailed and well written profile of your business will be prepared that describes your business, the market place it operates in, its key strengths and its historic financial performance. We use the latest digital marketing platforms and online broking platforms to promote your business to the potential buyers we have segmented for are targeting.
  • Negotiations: Having generated interest in the business. We will use our many years of sales experience to filter prospective buyers and negotiate the best outcome in the fastest possible time, as per your instructions.
  • Concluding The Sale: Once the sale is closed we will work with your appointed legal representative to conclude the transaction. To meet your obligations we’ll also help you in the handover process to the new business owner.

Rycom Business Services understands how businesses function and how value is created, which influences the potential sales price.  We also have an extensive network of contacts, including Migration Agents with clients that need to purchase a business to meet government sponsorship requirements.  We will always work in your interest, keeping you informed of progress and maintain confidentially at all times.