Rycom Business Services is a private company based in Sydney, Australia. Our people are highly skilled and have extensive business knowledge and networks that ensure you receive the expert assistance you need.  They combine sound academic theory with hands-on experience.

Ray David

– M. Com.
– B. Sc.
– Licensed Business Agent NSW

Ray has an extensive commercial background, having held a variety of management positions in a both private and public-sector organisations.  He has over 15 years of experience in assisting small businesses to plan and manage their growth by launching new products and entering new markets.  He has also implemented numerous business improvement programs.  His commercial expertise extends to all areas of business functions, making him an excellent member for any small business team.

With over 25 years of marketing experience, Ray has worked numerous product development and management projects, as well as sales and marketing programs. This includes over 10 years with telecommunications and other technology companies such as SingTel Optus and Telstra, in a variety of marketing, strategy and business development roles.

He also has extensive experience in international marketing and business development through the management of numerous projects for major Australian exporters and the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade). He has helped clients to buy and sell businesses, has wide industry knowledge and maintains an extensive business contact network.

Ray has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Queensland University and a Master of Commerce Degree from the University of NSW.  He is also a Licensed Business Agent in NSW.